Anything is possible with a smart home network 

Smart home networking is your first step in future-proofing your home.  Well planned structured networking lets you use the newest networked devices like tablets and smart TVs to their fastest potential.

Common Scenarios

  • Wire your home with a structured home network for fast internet and smart TVs.
  • Add internet access points for stable WiFi anywhere in your house. 
  • Date coming over on short notice? Tell your robot vacuum minion to do some last minute cleanup for that oh so important first impression.
  • Renovating? Add conduit to your networking setup to easily upgrade your cabling whatever the future brings. 

Why work with us?

  • Get manufacturer-direct pricing on hardware purchases.
  • Professionally installed and comes with a 5 year warranty.
  • Custom set up to work with one home automation interface for all devices.

We Guarantee…

  • Professional system configuration
  • All devices checked for compatibility prior to installation
  • Integration of all devices into one interface
  • Our quote is our word

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